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Sayalay Susila

Sayalay Susila has been a Theravada nun for the last 15 years, currently with the lineage of the well-renowned Venerable Pa Auk Tawya Sayadaw, Myanmar. She was born in the state of Pahang, Malaysia and was ordained in 1991 as a nun at the age of 28, at the
Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre in Penang, (MBMC) Malaysia.

Sayalay has a Degree in Mass Communications, 1988,from University Science Malaysia (USM), where she first started the practice of Buddhist Vipassanna meditation. The years of nun hood, the tertiary education skills, with the experience of a high school teacher and that of a full time meditator at the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre, prepared her well for the mission of disseminating the most profound dhamma of the Buddha, Abhidhamma, in the future.

After her ordination in 1991, Sayalay Susila practiced under the guidance of the well-known Venerable Sayadaw
U Pandita in Panditarama Monastery, Myanmar. In 1994, she went under the guidance of the Venerable Pa-Auk
Tawya Sayadaw at the Pa-Auk Meditation Centre, Myanmar, where she remained until today.

Sayalay Susila is one of the leading disciples of Venerable Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw, who is responsible for
the propagation and dissemination of the dhamma to foreign countries.

Her command of Abhidhamma knowledge and linguistic skills are an asset to Pa-Auk Meditation Centre. Since
1997 she became the interpreter for Chinese speaking Mahayana Sangha and yogis. From 1998 ­ 2001, she
accompanied and interpreted for Pa-Auk Sayadaw at meditation retreats held in Taiwan.
It was from the year 2000, with the encouragement of her teacher, Pa-Auk Sayadaw, Sayalay Susila began to
teach the profound Abhidhamma in Taiwan, Malaysia (Penang) and Singapore. She began to conduct a 10-day
Abhidhamma course, 2002, in Toronto, followed by a series of dhamma talks on meditation, in the various
states of Canada and the USA. Sayalay's dhamma talks were given at renowned Buddhist centres such as
Bhavana Society Monastery (West Virginia); Spirit Rock (California); and Barre Buddhist Studies Centre

Sayalay Susila's first publication in Chinese, "The Nine Attributes Of The Buddha", 2001 (published in
Penang) was so well received that the 3rd revised edition of this book will be printed in both China and

With Pa-Auk Sayadaw's blessings and support, this dhamma book, on a very complex and deep dhamma,
"Unravelling the Mysteries of Mind and Body through Abhidhamma" is finally published. Through Sayalay
Susila's compassion and love of dhamma, she had generously shared the contents of this publication
with meditation practitioners in Sydney, Australia, via a series of dhamma talks.

With the enthusiastic demand for her presentation of the dhamma, Sayalay Susila has scheduled Abhidhamma
teaching trips to Malaysia, Canada and America for 2005.

It is a rare opportunity to find such an accomplishedand humble cultivator as in Sayalay Susila. She is truly gifted in the ability to present the most profound and difficult part of the Buddha's dhamma, Abhidhamma.


Susila Sayalay