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8 Ways to Develop Mindfulness, DhammaWeb Meditation8 Ways to Develop Mindfulness
www.themiddleway.net -March 2, 2008

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8 Ways to Develop Mindfulness
March 2, 2008 in Development, Mind and eSangha.

Developing MindfulnessBringing mindfulness into the world can be challenging. We can, however, turn the world into a place of practice. Each moment we live is a chance to be mindful and present, never to be repeated again. Developing mindfulness is important to help us live presently in life. Here we look at a few personal and reader tips that have helped us view the Big Blue Room as a place of practice and mindfulness.

* Take a breathe
Remembering to breathe is hard work. Sometimes just seeing it in writing is enough to bring you back. Did you just take a very nice relaxing breath? I did. It also builds on itself, soon you’ll be remembering to breathe far more often.

* Smile in public
Not only will you feel better just for smiling, but when you engage someone, there’s a huge energy exchange and rush. When people smile back it often makes my day.

* Spot your moods and how moods effect your life
The same task done in two different moods will result in two different results. Take note of how your mood affects outcomes.

* Feel your body, how it is?
Notice how you position your body and it affects you. Try notice if you hold your body tense, or if it’s open and free.

* Eat mindfully
Thinking about what has died and the work involved to get food on your plate. Regardless of meat, grain, life has ended, work has been involved in bring you the food. Bring gratitude to a meal really helps you appreciate and taste your food.

* Notice when entering a new space
This is one of Gil Fronsdal’s favourite practices. Whenever walking through a door archway come back and recognise something is ending and something new is starting.

* Try feeling any jewellery you wear as often as possible
Anything objects you come in contact with is grounded in the present. Using jewellery is a great way to come back. My Mala gently brings me back many times a day

* Let the phone ring a bit, breathe first
The phone in this way becomes a gift, a chance to hear chimes and be mindful. It rings, you come back and breathe. The person who’s called gets a ‘fresh’ you, present and here.

* When walking a familiar route, notice something new. (Thanks Evan)

* Listen to all the surrounding sounds
The tap of computer keys, the twirping of birds, the slight drone of a plane overhead, and the sound of my own steps walking. (Thanks Eric)

* Notice the insects
Be aware of the smallest ant, the quietest moth, the stillest caterpillar… to be mindful of these focuses all of your attention in the now.(Thanks Bruce)

* Lay in the grass
Don’t feel foolish about it, just feel the grass and the air and the sun on your skin. it always brings me right into the moment and gives me a sense of childlike wonder that lasts the rest of the day. (Thanks Priscilla)

* Be kind, graceful and slower (Thanks Lobster)