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Pakistani authorities seize 625 relics, DhammaWeb NewsPakistani authorities seize 625 relics
DPA, www.dailyindia.com, 19 Nov 2006

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Islamabad, Nov 19 (DPA) Pakistani customs officers in the port city of Karachi have foiled a bid to smuggle a major consignment of archaeological relics to the Gulf region, the English-language Dawn newspaper reported Sunday.

Officials were quoted as saying that a container bound for Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates held 625 relics, including Buddha statues, which were concealed in boxes as furniture.

Archaeological experts confirmed that the artefacts were genuine and dated back as far as 5,000 years to the Indus civilization and also included more recent items from the British colonial period.

Experts believe the haul to be worth several million dollars.

Pakistani authorities seize 625 relics